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Omar is fighting to give his kids space to grow. Will you help families like his?

Omar, his wife and their five kids are stuck in a two-bed flat. Crammed in, constantly on top of each other, with little room to live – let alone learn, play, and keep growing.

As the kids head back to school, things are set to be even more challenging. There’s simply no room for them all to be doing homework. Bunkbeds are not the best desks. And finding quiet study time can be almost impossible. As they all get older, their studies will inevitably suffer.

There’s no room for them just to be kids. This is no place for a childhood.

Omar and his family are still waiting for a home

It will take Omar a long time to reach the top of the social housing priority list. The current waiting times for suitable housing are unbelievable, with some families being told to wait even 10 years.

The lack of fit social housing has left families like Omar's in overcrowded, unacceptable conditions for too long.

My kids often ask me ‘When are we going to get a bigger house, Dad?’. We tell them we have to wait. But I don't know how long we are going to.

- Omar

Will you help us give families like Omar’s the space they need?

Omar called the Shelter helpline, and we made sure he knew what his rights were. This is an important first step. Families need to be heard and have somewhere to turn to for advice.

We’re going to fight beside Omar for as long as it takes to get his family the home they deserve. A home with the right amount of space to live.

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We exist to defend the right to a safe home, because home is everything. The fight to end the housing emergency starts here.

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No-one needs to face bad housing or homelessness alone. Last year over 5 million people turned to Shelter for advice.


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